Targeted Tip – “Your Viewpoint”

Point of View (POV) Matters!

Each person has a viewpoint based on their own life experiences.

People often assume they know someone else’s intentions, and that can keep them from truly understanding why the other person does things and believes what they do.

You need to consider things through the eyes of others to put yourself in their shoes.

Perspective is an understanding of something from a different frame of reference.

Having the proper perspective is having the ability to see new things as they are rather than as you wish they were.

When you consider life from the uniqueness of other people, you will have a calm and more accurate response to their individual view.

As you come to accept individuals for who they are, it gives you a chance to either accept or reject their completely different grasp of the world.

By being respectful, your communication will improve…and so will your life.


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