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The man, the myth, the legend…

The myth goes on, but Tony Ruesing is quite real. He provides fun exercises and “how to” techniques that are eye opening and stimulate success. His listening and feedback skills allow you to enjoy yourself while learning how to deal with many common and challenging issues.

His high-energy events are filled with a variety of business, social science, and experiential frameworks used to help you function at your best.

Tony is a successful entrepreneur and the author of “Better Questions, Better Answers” as well as his popular “Like A Pro, Personal and Career Essentials.” Tony is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) with the National Speakers Association.

In addition to speaking, Team Tony consults with people-based businesses. Almost every group is struggling with interpersonal relations, communication, or motivation when Tony walks in the door. The Team discovers existing talents and abilities, and rejuvenated people with great attitudes walk out of the room.

You can explore a range of issues from problems at work, communication, teamwork, dealing with change and stress, to motivating those around you.

Looking from the outside in, Team Tony gets to know your staff, opens up a comfortable dialogue, evaluates the interworkings and struggles of everyday life at work, and helps nurture the creativity hiding below the surface, which wants to be released.

Utilizing some of the same motivational exercises and humor seen in his speaking engagements, Tony is able to elaborate and spend additional time in your work lives and help your staff be the best they can be.

Tony’s presentation style combines:

  • career building skills
  • participant involvement
  • mind-bending tricks and humor
  • thought provoking storytelling

When people do something they love, it shows; Tony loves what he does. He values people and likes to expose the special qualities that exist in everyone.

Get ready to smile, learn interesting things about yourself, and face the challenges in front of you in order to become a new you.