Targeted Tip – “Your Viewpoint”

Point of View (POV) Matters!

Each person has a viewpoint based on their own life experiences.

People often assume they know someone else’s intentions, and that can keep them from truly understanding why the other person does things and believes what they do.

You need to consider things through the eyes of others to put yourself in their shoes.

Perspective is an understanding of something from a different frame of reference.

Having the proper perspective is having the ability to see new things as they are rather than as you wish they were.

When you consider life from the uniqueness of other people, you will have a calm and more accurate response to their individual view.

As you come to accept individuals for who they are, it gives you a chance to either accept or reject their completely different grasp of the world.

By being respectful, your communication will improve…and so will your life.


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Targeted Tip – “Difficult People”

What makes a person difficult?

Very few difficult people are trying to be intentionally difficult.

They are simply making the choices they perceive are what is best for them based on their understanding and personal reality.

People and relationships are much more important than any issue. That doesn’t mean everybody’s view is the right view, it’s the one they are clinging to because it may be all they know.

Each interaction is different… circumstances change. And you, like everyone else, have to evaluate the task at hand. Then decide how your actions will benefit, and not weaken the situation.

Our culture seeks diversity, and yet, unity is what holds humanity together. Treat everyone equally, but not the same.

Let your uniqueness add a quality to your own discreet perspective.


This video is FREE to use anyway you like. Share it or show it at your next staff meeting. It can be a great motivator.

Targeted Tip – “Perception”

How do you look at things?

Everyone suffers from inaccurate perception.

Perception is how you see your world and the more you shift your perception to align with reality, the more confident you become.

Remind yourself that everyone you deal with is doing the best they can from their own perception.

Avoid value-judging them due to their background and avoid only seeing things from one direction.

In today’s world, we see plenty of people and groups who don’t like the opinions of others and therefore don’t like the individual.

In some cases, these people fear only what they understand, and become terrified of those who don’t believe what they think they believe.

They don’t want to hear a contradictory point of view, because they often don’t trust their own.


This video is FREE to use anyway you like. Share it or show it at your next staff meeting. It can be a great motivator.


Get it all right here – Effective Communication!

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Targeted Tip – A BETTER LIFE

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Targeted Tip – LEADERSHIP

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Targeted Tip – CHANGE


How will you deal with Change?

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Targeted Tip – Giving a Presentation


Here’s a Presentation Tip for you.

Your anxiety can work FOR you! Practice your presentation over and over until you know what you want to say naturally. And when you focus on the audience and what they will get out of your presentation, all your nervousness will be used for fuel to ignite your energy rather than derail your enthusiasm.

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